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Reasons of Deterioration

  1. Wet, marshy soil around tower stubs due to rain & drain water.
  2. Watering to crops.
  3. Piling of garbage, soil etc. around the tower leg.
  4. Chemical reaction due to fertilizers and chemicals, used in the farms as well as industrial waste, etc.
  5. Rusting of GI earthing strip wherever embedded in chimney.
  6. Volumetric expansion of concrete due to hair cracks.
  7. Formation of cracks in concrete due to vibration of tower by wind pressure, loose nut bolts, corona discharge etc.
  8. Saline weather in sea shore area.
  9. Ageing of tower foundation.

We are very proud to state that this stub strengthening process is tested at the Govt. college of Engineering, Pune for tensile test and the stub has withstood tension beyond 701 KN that is equal to 71.5 Tons, which is more than double the capacity of the original stub.


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