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    Catching the depth of the above words M/S. RAMELEX PVT.LTD has firmed its foot in the Electric world. A growing company in the field of electricity we have generated electric results in our various projects handled under MSEB and different private sectors. Established in 1990 we have never looked back since.

    The company is responsible for planning, investigation, execution, operation and maintenance of following projects coming under various zones of MSEB, GOVT. and Private Sectors.

    1. Specialization in hydraulically Compression types, power clamps & conductors / Crimping work in EHV sub stations and lines.
    2. Stub Strengthening work of Tower lines by MRF PU specialty coating system
    3. Live/Hot Line washing of insulators of equipments and insulators string with special high pressure pump jet having pressure up to 2000 kg/sq. inch and discharge rate of 75 Ltr/minute
    4. Hot/Cold line washing (manually) by MRF clearing system up to 400 KV lines
    5. Erection, Testing, Commissioning & Maintaining EHV S/S/N Lines
    6. HT/LT U.G. and O.H. installation and faultfinding works
    7. Specialization in string insulator replacement, Earth wire replacement when the another circuit is live on D.C. wire upto 400 kV load
    8. Thermographic scanning of lines and s/s upto 400 kV
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