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    Saraswati AgroTech


    The objects for which the trust has been created are as follows :


    For the purpose of reception, treatment and all-round development of the mentally imbalance, deranged, slow learners, autism, cerberal palsy, and who normally are a neglected lot of the society and development and well being of Humankind in various fields, hereinafter referred to as “The Beneficiaries” irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, sex, or nationality.

    1. To set up, establish, maintain, manage, run, conduct, give aid to, support, clinics, dispensaries, health centers, sanatoria, homes, retreats, yoga Centers, physiotherapy centers to look after “The Beneficiaries” by proper upbringing, so that they can be able to live like any other persons and where they can be treated by various methods and therapies by specialists and social workers..

    To set up, establish, maintain, manage, run, conduct, and give aid to, support, schools /educational Institutes exclusively for imparting education to the beneficiaries through teachers, instructors who are specialized in teaching such beneficiaries .3. To create awareness and rapport between the beneficiaries and their parents/relatives and the society in general so that the near-ones and the society realize their responsibilities to properly look after their destitute wards/dependents, by organizing lectures, seminars, workshop, film show, meetings and by printing, publishing literature on the problems of these beneficiaries.4. To establish, setup, promote, organize, run, manage, conduct, encourage, give to , assist and cooperate with all the necessary ancillary units and departments which are supportive and development of the beneficiaries.

    5. To give donations in cash or kind, monetary aid or assistance to dispensaries. Hospitals, Nursing, Homes, Orphanages and such other public medical institutions giving medical aid especially to the beneficiaries upon such terms and conduction’s and to such extent and for such period as the Biard may deem fit.

    6. To undertake and arrange welfare activities and rehabilitation of the beneficiaries.

    7. To undertake, promote, sponsor, encourage, assist, give aid to and cooperate with activities connected with mental illness and to educate and motivate the people to take preventive measure so that their children are given proper preventive treatments in the very early stage of their lives.

    8. To establish and run health centers, charitable clinics and a view to make available health facilities, and to implement programs like AIS awareness creation, eradication of guinea worm, leprosy eradication and rehabilitation, blindness control, filariasis control, small family norm, blood bank, ambulance, netralaya, etc


    1. To undertake, execute, organize, conduct, promote, assist, aid, take up and provide basic and applied scientific research in concerned systems and disciplines in all facets of rehabilitation of all categories of the beneficiaries
    2. To ascertain the causes of symptoms of various types and cause of mental ailments, disorders, disabilities, illnesses and different mental diseases.
    3. To develop and invent new medicines, methods ,therapeutic procedures, techniques, instruments and appliances required for diagnosis and treatment of all types of mental ailments, disorders, disabilities, illness and diseases.
    4. To establish, set up, promote, organize run manager, conduct, encourage, give aid to, assist, cooperate with medical research institutions and research program’s in the Neurology Branch of medical Science and other branches and medical sciences by engaging or employing leading Doctors, Physicians, Surgeons, Scientists, Consultants, Experts on such terms as the board thinks fit and to give such persons remuneration, for their engagement.
    5. To hold conduct, organize, attend, participate in meetings, seminars, discussions, conferences, demonstrations, and exhibitions, refresher course. Lectures, workshop in order to update information on research done or conducted, knowledge obtained or generated and the result achieved either by the Trust or by any other institutions either in India or Abroad in neurosis, Neurology, Neurasthenia, genetics and also for spread of scientific knowledge.
    6. To promote, develop, encourage, improve, and exchange scientific knowledge as well as technical cooperation between research institutions having similar or identical objects and interests.
    7. To give advice on, or to print and publish materials to disseminate information regarding conclusions drawn by researches in their fields so as to benefit other research institutions and the public at large.
    8. To publish, exhibit, print, circulate, subscribe and support books, periodicals, brochures, pamphlets, posters, leaflets, charts, diagrams, films, audio/video tapes or CD’s or other matters, setting forth, dealing with or relating to, medical scientific research or investigations and diagnosis and treatment of various kinds of mental ailments, disorders disabilities, illness and diseases.
    9. To provide, institute and award scholarships, fellowships, stipends, prizes, remuneration and other monetary payments of similar nature to research students and research scholars on such terms and conditions as the board of Trustees may find desirable for the purpose of undertaking scientific research in the areas of concerned interest to the Trust.
    10. To take decisions relating to research and to implement in the trust’s area of operation various research programs, in the fields of agriculture, medicine, engineering, and to make available thoughts and guidance of the experts to the needy.
    11. To acquire, purchase, hire, maintain or improve by alternation, research laboratories and related facilities and to equip them with scientific instruments and appliances and other amenities considered necessary for the proper fulfillment of the objects of the Trust.
    12. To promote the study and advancement of knowledge of medicine, public health research in these fields, economic, political science, sociology or there social science, or the natural sciences and the encouragement of literature and fine arts.
    13. To establish, setup, promote, organize, run, manage, conduct, encourage, give aid to assist, cooperate with all other research institutions of various fields mentioned in objectives of the Trust by engaging or employing leading scientists, experts consultants, on such terms as the board thinks fit and to give such persons remuneration, honorarium for their engagement.
    14. To do all acts, matters and things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above aims and objects in the areas of concerned interest of the Trust.


    To establish and maintain research fellowships, professorships, readership, or lectureships, or to award scholarships, studentship, stipend, prizes, traveling grants in India, either as loan or scholarships.

    1. To provide the poor and promising students, school material, uniform and similarly, to help them obtain scholarship or to make efforts to help them obtain it, and to implement all the relevant schemes in the trust’s area of operation.
    2. To establish and run with the aim of promotion of education, preschools, anganwadies, primary schools, secondary schools, ashram school, post-basic ashram school, residential schools, night schools, schools for child labours, military schools, junior and sinner colleges, girls, schools, women’s colleges, public schools, sangeet vidhyaiaya, physical training schools, etc.
    3. To establish and run D.Ed. B.Ed, M.Ed., law, Medical Commerce, Engineering, Agriculture Agro-Engineering college. Computer institutes. IT Institute, Business Management Institute, personality development centers etc.
    4. To establish and run multipurpose Institute and to make available through it training’s such sewing, embroidery, stitch work, home industry, cottage industry, computer, shorthand, craft, drawing, Montessori, nursing, jewelry work, motor armature winding, building maintenance, horticulture, bakery etc. poultry farms, goat farms, plantation etc.
    5. To establish, help or conduct institutions carrying on or facilitating, teaching, study or research, including research and intelligence units, libraries, laboratories, colleges, schools, book clubs, book shops or institutions conducting market or other surveys.
    6. To invite scholars, research workers or experts, Indian or foreign to arrange for lectures, seminars and conferences in India, or to give research assignments to individuals or institutions in India.


    1. To provide emergency relief to those affected by natural Calamities and disasters such as Flood, Fire, Earthquake, War, Drought and Famine, and to make continuous efforts for their rehabilitation.
    2. To preserve culture heritage and to encourage artists in the areas, and to help them obtain forum for expression of their artistic shills-creations, and for purpose to organize various types of cultural programs.
    3. To undertake, implement or participate in projects, programs and activities for the social and economic development of the poor, deprived and disadvantaged sections of the society such as women, youth, children, aged, destitute persons and the handicapped.
    4. To bring into efforts, as asocial commitment, the concepts such as old age homes, orphanages, women support centers, mother and child care centers, leprosy homes, beggary control, eradication of child labour, dedications, dowry control, rehabilitation of devdasis, prostitutes and widowed women.
    5. To establish and run hostels for students-both the girls and boys, and for the working women.
    6. To organize and hold exhibitions of works of art and science and competitions on subjects of general and educational interest including essay competitions and to award prizes for the same
    7. To organize Yuva Darshan programs for youth welfare, youth forums, youth leadership programs, Shramadan, youth meets and to organize youth guidance discussion groups, gatherings, lectures, talks, introductions, etc.8. To establish and run-addition canter. Health education and rehabilitation of dedicated persons.
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