" A Journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step " -Lau-Tsu.


Catching the depth of the above words M/S. RAMELEX PVT.LTD has firmed its foot in the Electric world. A growing company in the field of liveline maintenance we have generated electrifying results in our various projects handled under MSETCL & MSEDCL and different private sectors. Established in 1990 we have never looked back since.
The company is responsible for planning, investigation,execution,operation and maintenance of following projects coming under various zones of MSETCL & MSEDCL. and Private Sectors.

Some of Our Major Activities
We manufacture ‘RPL’ compression type Power connectors.
Providing & fixing ‘RPL’ compression type clamps & connectors.
Strengthening of deteriorated tower stubs by MRF speciality coating system.
Thermographic scanning of lines & substations.
Live line detection of punctured insulators (PID) by equipment.

400 kV Cutpoint string replacement
Maintenance of Substations. Live line string replacement by Hot-stick method.

Hot line string replacement by bare hand technique.
Verticle line patrolling of EHV lines
Live line washing of EHV Lines & substations.
Cold line washing of EHV Lines & substations.
We also execute:-
Measurement of tan delta & capacitance.
Measurement of tower footing resistance.
Measurement of Contact resistance of Electirc joint in live line.
Detection of Corona in Electrical system.
Replacement of broken earthwire, defective insulator strings upto 400 kV level by coldline method as well as by Hot stick method as well as by Bare-hand technique.

To maintain Quality, Safety & Speed is Our motto.

A good manpower acts as a catalyst in any company's success. Armed with efficient & qualified young minds we are prepared to tackle every hurdle successfully. We have a deep belief in teamwork and if teamwork is a sport we have the sportsmanship to play it. It is just because of our teamwork that while working under tight time schedules we are able to complete projects without any cost or time overrun.

Idea is the food for innovation. We in RAMELEX come up with fresh ideas every moment. We implement these ideas to innovate new landmarks in the path of our success. We have a firm belief in Devotion, Dedication, Discipline, Hard work and Teamwork without which we think success can't be achieved.

RAMELEX has drawn up ambitious plans for the future aimed at diversifying its operations.


To sum up RAMELEX is just a 19 years young firm. It has done pretty well in a short time and in near future we can give new dimensions and definitions to the electric world.

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