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    Hot Line Washing

    Reasons for Washing Insulators

    • The insulators of lines & equipment’s are contaminated due to dust, birds droppings, chemical pollution, Saline weather etc.
    • The contaminated insulators are susceptible for flash over during humid atmosphere, dew or foggy weather etc. hence need to be cleaned.
    • The contaminated insulators can be cleaned by hot line washing method for voltages including 400 Kv level.
    • Ramelex Pvt. Ltd have developed their own hot line washing system for washing of insulators of EHV lines & substations.

    Advantages :
    1) No outage, so no interruption to consumer.
    2) No revenue loss.
    3) No emergency outage.
    4) Contaminated disc insulators can be cleaned by hot line washing which avoids breakdown & failure due to insulator flash over.

    Hot Line washing