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    Introduction of our specialized hydraulically crimped power clamps and connectors for electrical system.

    We RAMELEX PVT LTD are manufacturers of electrical power connectors for over 16 years and through our R&D department we have reached to a very high quality power connectors keeping IS 5561-1970 as minimum syllabus for the quality of the product.

    While manufacturing the power connectors, we see the following parameters are keenly observed.

    1) Purity of aluminum alloy.

    We see that for optimum electrical conductivity the aluminium is to be used is EC grade,that is purity above 99.5 %

    2) The cross section of the connector is not only sufficient to carry the required rated current of the equipment keeping, temperature rise within specified limits of IS 5561-1970, but should also be capable of carrying overcurrent for some period. More importantly clamps and connectors should withstand the fault current without any mechanical or electrical distortions/ damages. They should also be capable of sustaining short time fault current of not less than rated short circuit current capacity of the equipment for which the connector is used, as per IS 5561-1970.

    3) Homogeneity of jointing material and the conductor.
    For keeping the contact resistance of the joint within limit as specified in IS 5561-1970, it is essential that material composition of the clamp material and the conductor material should be identical so that the joint after compression becomes homogeneous. We therefore strictly take care to follow the above principle.

    4) It is also of prime importance to see that there should not be voids in between the surface of the clamp material and the conductor material after crimping. If the crimping joint is cut for cross sectional view we should see that the two surfaces are in such a firm contact that we can not identify the border between both surfaces which finally gives us best result for minimum contact resistance. For this purpose we have our own manufactured crimping machines designed and developed with continuous research and development process.

    5) Mechanical strength of the joint.

    While observing the electrical requirements, it is also of prime importance to see that the joints are capable of sustaining the mechanical tension due to self-weight and conductor tension due to stringing in between two terminals of the equipment’s / conductors. Therefore the joints are tested as per IS 5561-1970 for mechanical strength also from recognized govt. laboratories.

    6) Physical standards

    While complying the electrical and mechanical standards as per IS 5561-1970, it is also highly important to maintain high physical standards for the clamps and connectors.

    1) The dimensional sizes of the clamps should be such that the current density should be sufficiently low so that the resistance is reduced substantially.

    2) The plain surfaces or cylindrical surfaces should be highly smooth so that contact surfaces are firmly struck-up to each other giving no room for air gaps. This is achieved by high quality of die-casting and skill full machining.

    3) High quality stainless steel bolts.
    The contact surfaces are firmly connected to each other with the required pressure using high quality of stainless steel nuts and bolts and stainless steel washers, where palm connections are involved. This gives an added advantage of zero circulating current due to nonmagnetic characteristics of stainless steel material. This will give reduction in power loss.

    This avoids loose contacts and ensures long life due to rust proof construction and also helps in maintenance while removing the clamps and connectors.

    4) Physical dimensions of palm, pipes, sleeves etc. such as length, width, ID , OD, hole dia wall thickness of the clamps are designed to see that quality of the product is over and above the I.S. 5561-1970 requirements

    Testing of the hydraulically compressed power connectors.

    We all know that only by admiring our own product is not sufficient to satisfy the customers but testing, examining and certification of the product is essential for the recognized institution to prove the quality.

    5) Mainly by obtaining a quality certificate is not sufficient unless supported by last past experience.

    We have got experience in manufacturing, providing & fixing the power connectors for last fifteen years and till now our yearly turnover for this product in providing, fixing and supplying is to the tune of Rs. 20 crores as on.

    Incidentally we want to put up the humble point that these hydraulically crimping type clamps & connectors are far superior to bolted type clamps & connectors as well as to recently introduced wedge type clamps and connectors due to void less surface contacts.

    6) Homogeneity, high contact pressure less resistance less wear and tear and suitable for all atmospheric conditions provide long maintenance free life for the electrical joints.

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