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    RTV Silicone Coating

     Ramelex Pvt. Ltd. is the integration partner of CSL Silicones Inc. Canada the market leader in RTV Silicone High Voltage Insulator Coating and we have capability to undertake RTV Coating of Transmission Insulators and Substation Insulators with minimum downtime and in-situ conditions along with a corona study before and after the RTV Coating.
    Our flagship technology is Si-COAT® 570™ HVIC (high voltage insulator coating).  This material has been applied to overhead transmission line insulators numbering in the millions and reaching up to 800 kV service voltages.  Additionally, we have coated substations of all voltages numbering in the tens of thousands.
    The value propositions of our technology are threefold:
    ⦁ The reduction of maintenance of contaminated insulators provides an immediate operating cost benefit
    ⦁ The improved reliability of insulators that are not suffering leakage current (that can lead to unplanned outages from flashover) is far further reaching in financial benefit to the end-users
    ⦁ Finally, the reduction of power losses (leakage current & corona losses) due to contaminated insulators is virtually eliminated
    Naturally, the extent of economic and operating benefit to the end-user increases significantly when the Si-COAT® technology is employed on transmission lines, where power throughput is of a much greater magnitude.

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